Enecyber Inc. will contribute to energy conservation



  • We launched out into product Routerbee System consisted of new AGT applications (
    AGT B-series) on 1 Apr. '12.

    AGT is for providing the environment to join new control function, accompanied with computer which is under operation for facilities. Current AGT requires scenario and application program in order to operate facilities, in accordance with API provided by Routerbee-platform.
    New AGT(AGT B series) is available just only to provide the scenario, instead of application program. Here, motion of sensor is available to causes to execute the scenario automatically.For example, a motion of sensor, such as the detection of power violation causes to control facilities for power capping. Here, control page for operate the facilities of current computer is displayed on monitor, and operated automatically, in accordance with scenario.A motion of sensor, such as detection of co2 violation, is also available for power conservation of air-conditioner, with the similar ways as shown above.Advanced technology in order to choice the best scenario automatically in accordance with current state of facility, is also provided in new AGT.


May. 21 2012
Our homepage was revised, accompanied with advanced english pages.
May. 7 2012
The capital was made into 10 million yen by capital increase.
May. 1 2012
We decided to introduce our Routerbee technology, in accordance with acceptance of presentation of The International Conference on Electrical Engineering 2012, which is held on Sep. 9-11 2012 at Kanazawa, Japan.

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