Why we made up our mind to develop the Routerbee

The Kyoto Protocol was adopted in 1997. Legal revision of deregulation of power industry was performed in 2000. These facts caused us to feel the prospect of energy problems. And also, we considered that all facilities consumed enormous quantity of electric power would have to be supervised and controlled by effective ways for conservation of energy, might be needed to solve these problems. A lot of stand-alone industrial computers ware already under operation for supervisory and controlling for these facilities in the world. Communication network was also available here. One of the most effective ways to solve problems was expected that all stand-alone computers under operation would communicate each other in order to control these facilities together via communication network. Here, it was needed to provide additional new function for each current computer, in order to operate facility by an effective method. Unfortunately, software of these computers ware usually designed based on stand-alone environment and installed by deregulated ways, caused to serious problems to provide the additional functions for each computer, which is under operation.
Only the engineer who had designed just these computers, are able to do these works of improvement of function, or to provide new function for current computer. That is, it was very difficult for the 3rd person to do this work for computer, which once began to operate.

We made up our mind to solve these problems, and lunched out into development in 2003.Fundamental design of application software of current computer under operation had no open environment, caused to prevent the 3rd person form improvement of function, or to provide new function.If we could get open environment for these computers under operation, we would be able to get big benefits for facility operation. That is, we are able to get a new facility operation function by deregulated way, i.e. in the open market.On the other hand, computer engineer who manufacture a function can sell facility operation functions with open nature to more facility owners.We considered that all industrial computers, inclusive of stand-alone computers, would have to bear the open environment with easy ways, in order to provide new functions.At first, we succeeded to develop the technology of prototype in 2009. Three years later, we developed the technology to make sure the open environment by easy methods, for stand-alone industrial computer under operation. W call it Routerbee platform.Energy conservation is the serious matter right now. We consider that Routerbee platform is just available to solve these problems.

O Automatic operation for energy conservation
For example, the function for excellent energy conservation, which those who manufacture a function developed can be used by computer under operation, independent of maker and form.It is called so to speak multi vendor.

O   Remote supervisory control and data acquisition
The excellent supervisory control and data acquisition function which those who manufacture a function developed can also be treated similarly.
We will do effort for research and development in order to provide more advanced functions in which such an effect is expected

Core Technology

Industrial computer usually is provided the fundamental function to show the states of facilities, as well as the function to control facility to change state, as operator aimed. Here, he can know the current state of facilities correctly by monitoring the screen of a computer.Operator can control the facilities, with graphical input devices such as a mouse and a keyboard, and can order various operation instructions including start/stop to facilities. The specification of signals concerning to the monitoring screen display, a mouse, and a keyboard, for almost all computers are the same. These facts caused us to develop the open environment for operation of facilities, depend on a display signal, and the mouse and keyboard signal, which almost all computers usually have. Our products consist of this technology.



Multi-Vender Platform

Multi-vender environment for industrial computer is available for system engineer of computer, to provide new functions for automatic control of facilities. He is always free from restrictions causes by computer maker or product specifications. He prepare macro commands (scenario), in order to control facilities by way of graphic operation, which consist of mouse and key board operations, such as start operation and change status of air-conditioner etc., for individual computers.Once he make these commands and register to library, he can add new control functions for facilities to the current computer.